I enjoy
creating for the web,
helping products succeed.

Hi, my name is Stefan Kovac, I'm a digital product designer and developer based in Novi Sad, Serbia.

I believe in authorship, honest work and constant learning. I love the process, I question everything and strive for simple things.

See what I've made (selected work)

Product & website

metadata beautifully

A desktop web app which captures metadata of a photo and turns it into useful images other photographers can learn from.

ExifShot App

Prototyping framework

A framework for developing & interacting with prototypes as a tool for testing out new products' features.

Prototyping framework
Product & website

websites for authors

Designed for simplicity — built for makers. Create rich online photobook experience using minimal html markup.

Open source library

layout attribute

Layout helper based on CSS flexbox specification. Designed for rapid prototyping with semantic, concise syntax.

Flex layout attribute
Product (Web app)


cManager was WYSIWYG web application for creating and editing CU3ER, 3D image slider, without the need to touch a single line of code.

Last 18 years

I had a privilege
to lead, design & develop,
follow my passion in photography,
and hunt techno crabs.

What's next?
Hire me

I can help
your product happen.

From generating new ideas, product thinking (problem, strategy, vision, goals) and product design (prototyping, UX, UI, visuals) to development and implementation — I'm here to help.

I offer no shortcuts, no hustling, no dark patterns.
We can make it, the right way.

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